It has been consolidated in the National Market through the years as pioneers in the manufacture of rubber products, today our company is composed of five major production lines.

The Company

Our Mission

is to provide efficient solutions to all our customers through rubber products and services that meet their needs, in the field of design, development, production, marketing and dispatch, striving to maintain a rigorous communication with them, training our staff to comply with the requirements of the specified products, improving our processes and maintaining our management systems to achieve confidence and security.

Our Vision

is that the efforts will be focused on the constant progress or growth of our company, be the manufacturers of solutions in rubber products leaders in the national market in the different areas of application or use, be recognized for the high quality of the products and our solid after sale service.

Under this premise, then, the main objective is to comply with the demands and the constant challenges, adding long-term value for our customers, shareholders and collaborators.


has defined and documented its quality policy as a key factor to maintain the competitiveness of the company, with the General Management acquiring the commitment to direct all its efforts in this line, aware that it is the only way to continue growing in all the markets where our products are present.
Our quality policy consists of:

-The products manufactured by our company meet the requirements of our customers, as well as the delivery times and quantities requested.

– Provide training to our staff to maintain the level of quality achieved by our company.

– Maintain a behavior of prevention of nonconformities and continuous improvement.

Licences and Certifications