Rodal SpA has been consolidated in the market as pioneers in the manufacture of rubber products and in this sense the great progress we have achieved thanks to the fulfillment of the demands of our customers, ensuring the quality of our organization based on compliance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, of our products with the ISO-CASCO 5 Certification Mark of Conformity model and the MITEX license of Germany.

We have a modern laboratory with the necessary equipment to perform all kinds of evaluations in the rubber compound, such as: Resistance to extreme environmental conditions, chemical agents, oils, hydraulic fluids, refrigerants, etc.

In the same way our equipment and instruments allow us to perform all kinds of physical tests, such as: Measurement of hardness (Shore A, D and P & J), roughness (Ra), rheometry, viscosity, tensile tests, elongation, compression, abrasion, accelerated aging, immersion in water or oil, ensuring that the products delivered are of quality and meet the requirements of our customers.

To carry out the measurements and tests, methods described in Chilean (NCh) or international (ISO, ASTM, IRAM, DIN, UNE, etc.) standards are used.

Licenses and Certifications